Pkcs11 ckr slot id invalide

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When an instance of Pkcs11SignatureToken fails cause the card is not inserted/switched, subsequent instantiations of the object will also fail, E.g. Unable to instantiate PKCS11 (JDK < 9) with CKR_SLOT_ID_INVALID.

Pkcs11 Ckr_slot_id_invalid has resulted in several government lotteries Pkcs11 Ckr_slot_id_invalid opening safe, regulated online Pkcs11 Ckr_slot_id_invalid casinos and poker rooms. Players can have a much higher sense of security knowing their deposits are being handled by the government, but the offerings are limited when it comes to content. In addition to CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED, CKR_GENERAL_ERROR, CKR_HOST_MEMORY, and CKR_OK, C_OpenSession() gets the following return values: CKR_ARGUMENTS_BAD. CKR_CRYPTOKI_NOT_INITIALIZED. CKR_SLOT_ID_INVALID. CKR_TOKEN_WRITE_PROTECTED (occurs with write-protected tokens) The following return values are relevant for plug-ins with hardware tokens: CKR Pkcs11 Ckr_slot_id_invalid, free double down chips, free casino card game download, practice card counting game If specifying an incorrect slot number for a PKCS11CryptoToken the Status Summary fails and only displays "Error getting status". In the server log the cause can be Pkcs11 Ckr_slot_id_invalid, online poker nederland belasting, president casino davenport iowa new location, torneo poker guadalajara

slotID - ID of the token's slot (PKCS#11 param: CK_SLOT_ID slotID) pPin - the SO's initial PIN and the length in bytes of the PIN (PKCS#11 param: CK_CHAR_PTR pPin, CK_ULONG ulPinLen) pLabel - 32-byte token label (blank padded) (PKCS#11 param: CK_UTF8CHAR_PTR pLabel) Throws: PKCS11Exception - If function returns other value than CKR_OK. C_InitPIN

manufacturerID ID of the slot manufacturer. MUST be padded with the blank character (' '). MUST NOT be null-terminated. flags bits flags that provide capabilities  PKCS#11 defines an application as a single process with single address space and one or multiple threads of control running in it. For example, you would use 1 for the slot with the id 1 under PKCS#11. that your PKCS#11 implementation does not support or that are invalid for the type of   May 13, 2008 We'll talk a bit about PKCS #11, the 'standard' API for smartcards and hard- CK_SLOT_ID slotId;. CK_ULONG slotCount = 10; will either return CKR SIGNATURE INVALID or CKR SIGNATURE LEN RANGE. That last

Hi Just to add some new information, I recently made some new tests on my ubuntu 14.04 with the opensc package, which is on version 0.13. Since pkcs11-tool still doesn't have the command '--decrypt' in this version, I used the openssl engine, and to my astonishment, it actually worked.

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Pkcs11 Ckr_slot_id_invalid, online poker nederland belasting, president casino davenport iowa new location, torneo poker guadalajara

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CKR_SLOT_ID_INVALID : The specified slot ID is not valid. More #define : CKR_STATE_UNSAVEABLE : The cryptographic operations state of the specified session cannot be saved for some reason (possibly the token is simply unable to save the current state). More #define : CKR_TEMPLATE_INCOMPLETE